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JUST the THING was founded in 1989 with the mission to help individuals create their own personalized spaces with style, flair, and sound design principles. Over the years, we have developed a support team of craftspeople and trusted suppliers who assist in the implementation of our vision. In 2012, JUST the THING was selected for the Consumers' Choice Award for Best Interior Decorator in Toronto.

The creative force behind the company is Mary Bannet. Mary practices client-defined design: understanding client insights and applying them to their decorating projects. Clients are encouraged to build on their cherished belongings or inspirational pieces, and to be engaged in all aspects of their projects. Mary not only asks the right questions, she listens to the answers. The resulting environments are uniquely suited to the individual client's lifestyle, taste, and aspirations -- while exceeding their expectations.

With an educational background and work experience in the fields of both science and design, the approach Mary brings to decorating is a unique melding of her opposite halves.

Approaching design problems analytically and logically, the first step is to prepare the foundation with a good layout -- smart, functional, and with careful consideration of our clients' needs and wants. Then Mary's artistic nature comes to the fore: she's great with colour, mixes styles with flair, and imbues her interiors with a sense of harmony. Our portfolio here is a small representation of the wide range of looks created to tell our clients' stories.

As a member of The Decorators and Designers Association of Canada, Mary is dedicated to providing excellent, ethical, and professional service.
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JUST the THING is based in north Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our service area encompasses the GTA and environs.

To arrange an appointment for a consultation, or to learn more about how we can help you, please don't hesitate to contact us via email OR phone during regular business hours at:

Mary Bannet
Interior Decorator, DDA

54 Stillwater Crescent,
Toronto, ON
M2R 3S2

Call: (647) 208.0235
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JUST the THING specialises in makeovers of fine homes -- large and small -- throughout Toronto and the GTA.
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