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The Challenge:
To assist the clients in pulling together the main entertaining areas of their home, adding punch and polish to their established style.
The Vision:
Multi-hued slate flooring in the entrance hall provided the inspiration both for the colour scheme and the mood of relaxed elegance that imbues the space.

The Process:
The dining room was completely emptied and its contents redistributed throughout the home. Red walls were repainted a soft avocado so that bolder tones could be featured in the furnishings. To better suit the room's proportions, we selected a square dining table. Its traditional style is in contrast to 60's-influenced chairs, upholstered in plush persimmon fabric. A high buffet was placed under an awkward window with an unattractive view. Framed by vibrant orange and avocado drapery and topped by a translucent bamboo shade, it is the perfect stage for ever-changing still life arrangements. An over-sized whimsical chandelier is an unexpected foil for the restrained furniture.

Unlike the vibrant dining room, the living room was a calm refuge, dominated by a huge landscape painting. Replacing a too-small loveseat with a larger sofa in deep chestnut leather added weight to the opposite side of the room. To balance the height of the painting and visually raise the low ceiling, we flanked the fireplace with a pair of floor mirrors and replaced muted cream drapery with bolder striped silk panels. A cherished heirloom curio cabinet, displaced from the dining room, lends a traditional note to the contemporary room.

The clients had already made a great start in the family room, designing extensive custom cabinetry and warming the room with brick red paint and a lively contemporary rug. But their bland sectional did not stand up to the drama of the space. By backing it with a refurbished 60's era sideboard -- another piece formerly used in the dining room -- we added not only definition to the seating area, but also a useful staging area for entertaining indoors or on the adjoining patio. Colourful toss cushions add much-needed punch to the sofa. Balancing the white of the cabinetry are creamy draperies embellished with drifting red ferns. To subtly redirect the seating arrangement from a TV-focused one to a more conversational grouping, we added a comfortable high-backed chair and a side table.

The finishing touch in any home is always the selection of artwork and accessories. This couple owned several paintings with sentimental value that they wanted to keep. By relocating and in some cases reframing their pieces, we were able to give them more presence and impact - freshening up the dècor with a minimal investment.

The Result:
Bringing in an objective professional to assist with their redecorating project permitted the owners to make the most effective use of their cherished possessions. We interpreted their style and helped them kick it up a notch. And -- as a bonus -- we were environmentally responsible: reusing, re-purposing, and recycling, rather than discarding.

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