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The Challenge:
To quickly, completely, and elegantly furnish a condo almost from scratch, keeping in mind that this is a rental apartment with only one to two year's occupancy. The starting point: 2 French armchairs and an extensive art collection -- all in storage and unavailable for viewing. The client requests only that we incorporate an oversized zebra-print ottoman, formal dining for 6, and pink in the bedroom.
The Vision:
Plush velvets, silks, crystal, mirrors, rich draperies, black accents.

The Process:
As for any rental, we hope to spend as little as possible on altering the space. Fortunately, the existing neutral walls form a suitable backdrop for our decorating scheme throughout.

For the living room, we take our cues from the style of the client's chairs and specify small-scale seating pieces that are a contemporary take on traditional styling. The fabrics we select are velvets with a silken sheen, in a tone to blend with the walls. Similarly neutral but luxurious silk draperies and a ribbed wool rug complete the understated monochromatic envelope of the room, allowing the client's vibrant artwork to "pop". Rather than the usual side tables and lamps, we opt for dramatic black floor lamps with glitzy mirror-trimmed shades to flank the sofa. Additional black accents are strategically placed around the room, playing off the bold zebra fabric that is at its centre. Note that the fabric is used to upholster a cushion atop the large coffee table -- a more functional and versatile alternative to the ottoman that had originally been envisioned. For the space between the new chairs opposite the sofa, a traditional server inherited by the client fits right in with the eclectic decor -- an unexpected saving. Even the kitchen pass-through becomes part of the decorating scheme, with artful arrangements of flowers and accessories on top, and a simple shelving unit for more

(The Process: Continued)

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