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The Challenge:
To bring a fresh, more contemporary look to a great room (kitchen open to a family room) in a home filled with family heirlooms.
The Vision:
New furniture and cabinetry with classic lines and pared-down details would allow us to bring in select treasured pieces. Muted greens and blues would provide a fresh backdrop.

The Process:
At our first consultation, the client identified the family room area as more in need of a change, with only minor adjustments requested for the kitchen. The sitting area was to be a more restful space, with muted, monochromatic tones. The fireplace was identified as a particular problem area: the client felt the detailing was too busy and disliked the look of the white mantle and limestone surround. We, however, felt the fireplace would work with the proper decor, and decided to deal with this later in the project.

Once a floorplan for the sitting area was developed -- one that focused less on the fireplace -- we set about to select the furniture. Given that our client expressed no particular preferences, we decided to kickstart the process by taking her for a visit to a manufacturer's showroom. Having settled on a sofa style, we were able to zero in on two complementary chairs. A contemporary version of a wingchair was designated to nestle in beside the fireplace and window, offering a cozy corner for reading or TV viewing. A small clubchair would sit near the family room entrance. Working with the supplier's samples, the client then selected a soft fabric the colour of driftwood for the sofa and wingchair which we teamed with a muted pattern for the clubchair. We drew on this latter fabric's soft green tone as the basis of our colour scheme, painting the walls in a slightly bluer hue and the millwork in a warm white.

Our upholstered pieces, while comtemporary with simple straight lines, are classic and marry well with the client's heirloom drum table and antique sewing box. The client's desire to hide the TV led her to find a traditional-looking wood cabinet that houses a hydraulic lift.

A dark bulls-eye mirror above the fireplace contributes to the rhythm established by the room's dark elements. At the centre of this area, a round glass and steel coffee table disappears into the silvery Tibetan rug and echoes its contemporary loop motif. Set against its new surroundings, the repainted fireplace fits right in -- no further modifications required.

Once the major decisions for the seating area were made, we turned our attention to the kitchen portion of the great room. The more we discussed the issue, the more it became apparent that more extensive work would be required. While the general layout of the former kitchen suited the clients quite well, its detailed millwork, glazed finish, and busy granite did not appeal to them esthetically. Our first option was to reface the kitchen and replace the granite. Upon further review we identified the need for more storage for these avid cooks, and replacing the kitchen made more sense than rejigging the old one. We helped to contain renovation costs by working within the original footprint, keeping appliances and plumbing in or near their original positions. Functional improvements were achieved by adding pot drawers and pullouts, taking the cabinets to the ceiling, and squeezing a bookcase into a dead space on the island. We also ramped up the lighting by installing more recessed ceiling fixtures and under-cabinet illumination.

We selected simple Shaker doors for their timeless style that works well with both traditional and contemporary furnishings and partners perfectly with the sitting area's decor. The warm white finish of the main cabinetry brightens the space, while mottled black granite countertops provide bold counterpoint and a backsplash mosaic of grey-veined marble softens the contrast. The island's dark brown stain lends it a furniture feel, and unifies the separate portions of the great room. Dark walnut barstools upholstered in a soft blue-grey are elegant gracenotes.

The Result:
A space that looks cool, calm, and serene while our clients cook up a storm!

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