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The Challenge:
To renovate a condo kitchen without moving walls, plumbing, or electrical outlets.
The Vision:
We would focus on maximizing storage, rather than repositioning the sink or appliances.

The Process:
Because of the kitchen's location along a main hallway to the bedrooms, opening up the space was out of the question, and we were forced to work within its long, narrow confines. The general layout of the pre-existing kitchen was an L-shape, with scant room to squeeze in a small breakfast table and extra storage cabinet against a blank wall. This wall became the focus of our redesign, as it permitted us to create a more functional galley layout. Anchored by a tall pantry equipped with rollout shelves, a deep granite counter at standard table height now serves as a casual dining table, occasional desk, and extra serving/prep surface. Supporting the counter are standard upper cabinets, which offer loads of extra storage space for seldom-used items. Above the counter is a mix of open and closed shelving to display some of the client's extensive collection of hand-crafted dishware and glassware.

While the rest of the kitchen basically retained its original configuration, we converted standard lower cabinets to deep drawer units, which make much more efficient use of space. For safety considerations and easier cooking, we shifted the stove away from the wall and fitted a narrow cabinet into the space. Other simple but effective space savers are the addition of a deep cabinet above the fridge and a microwave-hood above the range. Sink cabinets, with their allowances for plumbing, generally offer inefficient storage. By using a single extra large sink, we were able to minimize the size of the cabinet it required and free up space for more useful storage.

This retired couple prefers to spend money on travel, rather than furnishings, so we chose materials to get the most bang for the buck. Simple natural maple flat-panel fronts offer the clean contemporary look the clients favour, while keeping the price down. Having them cut from continuous sheets of veneer gives them a custom look. The unusual crown detail at the ceiling has a crisp geometric feel, but was simply constructed from flat boards. Inexpensive ground tiles for the backsplash were accented with high-end glass mosaic tile. Granite counters were a splurge, but their durability makes this a worthwhile expense. The original plain tile floor -- which is continuous with the entry hall -- was retained as the clients requested, resulting in huge savings. Glass doors on selected upper cabinets let the clients' colourful collectibles shine through for high impact at little additional cost.

The Result:
No more pots and containers falling out every time a cupboard is opened. This kitchen manages to show a lot, but hides even more.

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