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JUST the THING is highlighted as one of the Top 15 Design Firms in Canada!
JUST the THING is named as one of the Top 25 Interior Designers From Toronto you should know about!
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Space planning, layouts
Renovation planning and supervision
Colour, materials, and fabric selection
Kitchen design
Custom design and fabrication of:
- drapery and bedding
- upholstery
- cabinetry

Specification and procurement of fabrics, furniture, accessories, art, lighting
Shopping assistance

We are a company dedicated to helping individuals create their own personalized space with style, flair, and sound design principles.

We believe it is important to build a relationship with you, the client, in bringing your vision to life.

Whether the scope of the job is a single window or an entire home, the results should be tailored to fit your lifestyle, taste, and budget.

How may we help you? Are you . . .

. . . Downsizing? Moving from a large home to a smaller space usually entails editing your possessions. We'll help you identify the pieces that will work best in your new residence, and make room for the cherished items you simply can't part with.

. . . Moving into your first place? We can help you plan a budget, prioritize your purchases, and select pieces that will eventually move with you from your starter home.

. . . Getting married? Talk to a decorator, so you won't need to talk to a marriage counselor! We'll help you blend your individual styles to create a home that will suit both of you.

. . . Moving to a bigger place? We can help you add to your existing furniture and adapt your interior to fit your belongings (and vice versa)

. . . Renovating? Talk to us before you hire a contractor. We'll help you refine your plans so that you can obtain proper competitive quotes. Once you've hired someone, we can help you select your finishes, liaise with your contractor, and worry about the details so you don't have to.

. . . Building a new home or addition? Having your architect's plans vetted before construction means that the furniture you bought will fit nicely and not need to be replaced; that outlets, lighting, and wiring for video, sound, and computers will be located where you need them to be; that closet space is functional and sufficient to fit your wardrobe, and not just an afterthought.

. . . Adding to your family? Getting ready for a new baby (or even a new room-mate, for that matter) means finding space for all kinds of new gear -- and sometimes losing a room or a closet that you were using! We'll help you maximize your storage space, rethink the way you use your home, and decorate your baby's room.

. . . Or just (re)decorating? There's no end to what you can do with your home. Whether it's a whole room or just the finishing touches, we can take the stress out of the decision process by making your range of options more manageable.

We invite you to continue exploring our site for design inspiration, then,
contact us to find out how we can provide
'just the thing' for you!

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