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[ In their own Words ]
The Thorpes write . . .
"Mary played an instrumental role when we were helping our parents move to a retirement home from the home they lived in for 30 years. She was able to earn the trust of our aging parents by being open and honest with them about this transition in their lives. She helped them with decisions on which furniture did or did not make sense keeping, purchasing new furniture for them, deciding on paint colours and liaising with and instructing the retirement home staff on what our parents needs were with respect to renovations of their suite. We will be forever grateful to Mary for her professionalism, efficiency, honouring our timelines and most importantly her kindness to our family during this time."

W. Wickens writes . . .
"I bought a condo from floor plans and waited 2yrs for it to be built. To say I was excited when I got the keys was the understatement of the century. But where to start?! I had no idea what colours to paint, what to put on the windows or how to organize my limited space.

I'm a single guy who knows absolutely nothing about decorating. Truth is, I didn't even know how to describe what I liked or even wanted. I was completely lost.

Mary made everything easy. She was extremely patient, took the time to listen and helped me select a dècor that is not only perfect, it's totally me! I am so proud of my new home and I would like to thank Mary for making it a reality."

J. Blacklock writes . . .
"My husband and I are "poster children" for Just The Thing Interiors, having worked with Mary on three projects (so far!): completely furnishing and decorating our small rental condo apartment, managing every aspect of the design (wall coverings, paint, drapery, furnishings, floorings...) of a new-construction 5-storey townhome, and overseeing a commercial renovation including outdoor signage and significant construction and millwork. Mary really delivers results: she is an amazing combination of creativity and common-sense. Working with Mary has allowed us to describe our vision for our homes and now a new business and then see our vision come to life. Mary is candid about what will work and won't work which is very helpful -- it is terrific to work with a creative professional who takes a business approach. We've learned that there is a great deal of research, shopping, technical discussions and supervision of trades people behind every beautiful project; Mary's project management skills have allowed us to participate as much or as little as our time has permitted. When Mary is running with something, we know that we can relax and be confident that the project is proceeding well."

Dr. S. Nusinowitz writes . . .
"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job you did in redecorating my new home. Your service was "all inclusive" in that you were there in the planning stage right through to the final touches. The outcome was magnificent. This view was shared not only myself but my family and friends. You were able to factor in my busy business hours, lack of previous experience in decorating and purchasing home furniture and you came up with a house that felt like a true home. And you did this all within budget!

As a result of my experience with you, I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your services and would welcome any inquiries by any of your future potential clients."

F. Murray writes . . .
"Wow!!! When I walked in I could not believe how wonderful everything looks -- is this really my place?? All of the furniture is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much. You have done an amazing job. I am so so happy!!!

. . . You are truly very talented as all of your choices have been bang on. I definitely get the wow factor when I walk in to my place. It is also very comfortable, cozy and welcoming which is something I really wanted. I haven't decided what my favourite thing is as I love all the pieces."

C. Zeldin writes . . .
"It's so rare to work with a professional who really cares . . . someone who cares about fit, about budget, about timelines and about people. Mary took the time to understand how we would use the room. She probed with questions that made us really think about its use, today and into the future. She wanted to make sure we were looking long-term when it came to colour choices and accessories. She wandered our house and observed how we lived to gauge our personality to create the right "look and feel". All these unique techniques Mary used truly made it a pleasure to work with her. Not only did she transform an important room in our house, but managed to offer advice and value-add on other aspects of our home. We enjoyed shopping together for the finishing touches. And, she worked well with "Mark the painter" and all the other suppliers who helped to create our lovely living & dining room. I know that in the years to come we'll manage to find other "excuses" to work with Mary . . . oh yeah, and transform other living areas in our house too!"

P. White writes . . .
"I had a small kitchen with limited cupboard space. My budget was limited yet I wanted a new look. Mary designed a kitchen that provided with both a display area for my dishes, as well as enough space for everything else. I had not wanted to replace my appliances as this time so Mary worked with me to select cabinetry that created a feel of warmth and style.
The prospect of choosing materials for backsplash, countertop, etc. was daunting, but Mary helped to make this an enjoyable task. She selected a few samples based on discussions with me and then I was able to choose what I liked best. I now have a kitchen that I love and all of this within the budget that I had planned.
Mary's expertise in selecting colours and materials is reflected in my new kitchen. I would recommend Mary to anyone who is considering remodeling big or small. She is great to work with."

The Sabharwals write . . .
"...thanks and appreciation for creating a beautiful home for us. Almost a year later, and I still can't get over how wonderful everything looks, and how functional everything works.

Thank you for your help and patience in leading us through the decorating process. You took into consideration our family's differing needs and desires, presented us with great ideas, narrowed down our choices and options, gave us space to make decisions, and kept us on track with our budget and timeline.

It was a real pleasure working with you, and we look forward to working with you again on our next decorating project!"

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